Elder Entertainment


A recent new career that Nancy has embarked upon, after retiring from MCPS in January 2015, is performing for the elderly community. Always interested in giving back, Nancy loves playing for the old folks and it comes naturally to her. Her repertoire has always included standards and, especially, show tunes from the 50's and 60's. Specializing in this era has enabled her to provide age appropriate entertainment for the elderly. Such favorites as Oklahoma, Carousel, and West Side Story, in addition to, of course, New York New York, have become staples of her assisted living facilities performances.

Not only does Nancy relate to her audience, she provides frequent eye contact and smiles during these performances, increasing the warm friendly environment.

She currently charges $90 per hour at these gigs and Nancy has become a monthly regular at BRIGHTON GARDENS of Tuckerman and also SUNRISE AT FOX HILL in suburban Maryland.