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"We've been clients of Mobile Music for five years. Nancy's nurturing teachers have been there for all three of our children. Our oldest has played classical piano for five years. Our youngest prefers jazz piano and occasional drum lessons. Our middle son plays rock guitar and has formed a garage band. I carpool so much with three children that it's been incredibly convenient having three different teachers come to our home. Nancy's company has helped with all our musical needs!"

"My daughter has had a beautiful singing voice since just a toddler. Getting her to sing for others, however, was next to impossible. Nancy's incredibly talented and extremely gentle vocal teacher was able to gradually coach Melissa to sing through her shyness. The results have been astounding. She's now willing to audition for school plays. We're thrilled with Nancy's company!"

"Summers have always been difficult for our teenage boys in terms of practicing the tenor sax. They're both in Honors Band but tend to slough off practicing when school's not in session. Biweekly sax lessons each summer with Nancy's teachers have solved that problem for us. We've sent all of our friends to her!"